Bob Graham & other Endurance Challenges

This page details attempts by club members of long distance runs, commonly known as “rounds”. The most famous of which is the Bob Graham round of 42 peaks that is meant to be completed in 24 hours.

The slightly lesser known rounds of the Ramsay in Scotland, Paddy Buckley in N. Wales and Denis Rankin in Northern Ireland are also “24 hour” challenges, while other rounds don’t have recognised time limits.

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THE BOB GRAHAM ROUND (42 Peaks Ascent 27000ft Distance 66 miles)

Bob Graham achieved his round of 42 Lake District peaks in 1932. To this day, completion of the round inside 24 hours marks a rite of passage for fell and endurance runners. It remains a stern challenge, accomplished by around 50% of those who attempt it. For Macclesfield Harriers, with its impeccable long-distance pedigree, the “BG” holds a special allure. Completers get to join the exclusive BGR Club.

1980 Peter Nolan
1981 Alan Ireland
1984 Nigel Robinson, Andy Thornton
1985 Adrian Belton, Alison Wright, Mark McDermott
1986 Brian Jackson John Amies, Geoff Pettengell, Mike Hartley
1987 Mike Lawrence, Phil Cheek, Andrew Addis
1988 Bob Smith, Jim Kelly
1989 John Axson, Anne Stentiford
1990 Paul Driver, Mark Hartell
1992 Craig Harwood
1994 Pete Coppack
1995 Richard Calder, Dave Tucker
1996 Dave Parry, Chris Rhodes, Margaret Huyton
1998 Annette Morris, Andy Ardron
2000 Mandy Calvert, Trevor Longman, Barry Blyth
2002 Roger Teagle
2003 Martin Rands, Chris Cripps
2004 Julian Brown
2005 Steve Watts, Warren Mason, Phil Janaway
2006 Dan Parker, Karen Parker, Mike Nelson
2007 Neil King, Dave Kilpatrick, Digby Harris, Ross Litherland
2008 Kirsty Hewitson, Ian Hughes, Steve Swallow, Clare Griffin, Jonathon Bradshaw
2009 Julie Gardner, Cath Litherland
2010 Larry Day, Rick Houghton, Ian Symington
2011 Jon Tatham
2015 Rob Gittins
2016 Dan Croft
2017 Carl Hanaghan, Graham Brown
2019 Tom Whittington
2020 Mark Burley
2021 Matt Lynas, Nathanael Booker
2022 Joe Pickard
2023 Allen Bunyan, Steff Wood, Andy Sutton

Mark Hartell (1999)

Mandy Calvert (2000)

Digby Harris (2007)

Carl Hanaghan (2017)

Matthew Lynas (2021)

Bill Johnson (2000)

Martin Rands (2003)

Mark Cornes (2013)

Graham Brown (2017)

Barry Blyth (2000)

Julian Brown (2004)

Rob Gittins (2015)

Tom Whittington (2019)

Trevor Longman (2000)

Dave Kilpatrick (2007)

Dan Croft (2016)

Mark Burley (2020)

PADDY BUCKLEY ROUND (47 Peaks Ascent 28000ft Distance 61 miles)

This is the Snowdonia equivalent of the BGR and generally acknowledged to be a tougher by at least an hour. Most of the round is set in the well-known areas of Snowdon, the Carneddau, the Glyderau and the Moelwynion. Paddy Buckley devised the round. Although everyone will aim to complete the circuit in sub-24 hours no time limit is stipulated. The route may be started from any point and completed in either a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.

1988 Adrian Belton
1989 Alison Wright
1989 Adrian Belton first to include all 3000ft summits
1989 Geoff Pettengell
1990 Mike Hartley Round 3 of the British Triple
1991 John Amies
1991 Anne Stentiford ladies record 19-19 (held until 2006)
1992 Mark Hartell mens record 18-10 (held until 2009)
1997 Richard Calder
2000 Chris Rhodes
2006 Chris Cripps
2008 Jon Chapman; Digby Harris
2014 Julie Gardner
2022 Mark Burley

The RAMSAY ROUND (24 Munros Ascent 28000 ft Distance 66 miles)

Starting from Glen Nevis Youth Hostel it takes in the Mamores, the Loch Treig munros, the Grey Corries, the Aanochs, Carn Mor Dearg and Ben Nevis. Ramsay first completed it in 1978.  This is a very remote and difficult challenge again requiring completion within 24hrs. Only 10% of the number of the attempts for the BGR.

1989 Adrian Belton (was record time of 18hr 23m)
1990 Mike Hartley
1996 Mark Hartell
1998 Richard Calder; Geoff Pettengell; Craig Harwood
2002 Chris Rhodes
2008 Digby Harris; Jon Chapman
2023 Mark Burley

JOSS NAYLOR CHALLENGE 20 summits, 17,000ft Distance 48miles

The inaugural run from Pooley Bridge to Wasdale was made by Joss Naylor in 1990, at the age of 54; in very bad weather with heavy rain and a strong SW wind Joss completed the run to Greendale Bridge in 11 hours and 30 minutes.  The challenge is offered to fell runners over the age of 50 to complete the run in set times according to their age group, with the V50 required completion time of 12hrs considered particularly challenging.

2005 Phil Cheek (V55)
2007 Peter Coppack (V60)
2009 Peter Nolan (V60)
2011 Phil Cheek (V60), Hazel Winder (V60), Dave Tucker (V60)
2012 Brian Jackson (V65)
2014 Mandy Calvert (V50), Steve Watts (V50)
2015 Jim Kelly (V65)
2019 Rob Gittins (V55)
2022 Matt Lynas (V55)

Phil Cheek (2005)

Phil Cheek’s Joss Naylor
Phil Cheek (2005)

Jim Kelly (2015)

Pete Coppack (2007)

Rob Gittins (2019)

Pete Nolan (2009)

Matt Lynas (2022)

DENIS RANKIN ROUND (39 peaks over 400m – 90km – 6,500m ascent)

The Denis Rankin Round is a circuit of all the peaks (x39) in the Mourne mountains over 400m in height, covering 90km and 6500m in ascent. The challenge is to complete this within a 24 hour period.

The Round is named after Denis Rankin, a pioneer and leading light in fell running and mountain marathons in Northern Ireland since the 1970’s, who tragically died on 16th May 2013 competing in a fell race on Slievemoughanmore.

2023 – Mark Burley

Matt Lynas 2021

Matt Lynas (JNC 2022)

Mark Burley – Paddy Buckley 2022