Covid Documents

Current Guidance regarding Training & COVID-19

Please read and ensure compliance with the following document for training at the track (updated 29 March 2021):

Training at the Track

and for club group runs and training from November 2021: The club position is NOTHING CHANGES.

Update from Bob Lynch on October 29th 2021:
May I just reiterate that group sessions for training should continue to be limited to a maximum of 12 per qualified group leader or coach. Again I must stress that this a limit not a target.
Although we train outside, we must continue to limit our interaction with the general public. Coupled with this we are now fast approaching the winter and dark nights.
I am not against meeting up briefly at the same place and then subdividing into separate groups.
We must also continue to ensure that as far as possible, attendees are fit and healthy and that they pre book with the leader/coach.
What other clubs and other activities practise is not our concern.
If the general situation improves or deteriorates regarding Covid then the situation will be revisited.

Guidance for Group Runs May2021 onwards

In addition, if for any reason you are instructed to take a PCR test, you must not return to training or competition, school or workplace until you have returned a negative test. The test results take approx. 48hours to be examined and reported to you.

If any group runner has symptoms or has a positive test the leader must be alerted and the other runners alerted. They should follow current Government Guidance based on the level of of exposure they had.

If you return a positive COVID test, you MUST inform your coach/run leader and refrain from training etc until you have hopefully recovered and been given permission by a designated person from the NHS.

It is strongly advised that other members of a family unit also have a PCR test if someone from the group has tested positive for Covid.

Please remember — we train outside, we should continue to maintain social distancing and ensure that any equipment we use is sanitised before and after use. Lateral flow tests should also be undertaken routinely as requested.

Bob Lynch (Club President)
01625 829229

Note: If there are any further changes to UK Government or EA Guidance a further update will be added to the website

The Risk Assessment, on which the Plan is based, can be read here (updated 29 March 2021):

UKA Covid Risk March 2021