Be Inspired!

Macclesfield Harriers has particular reputation for achievement in ‘Ultra challenges’.  Some of the things that individuals get up to can be mind numbing and at the same time a source of inspiration.

Below is a selection of such amazing achievements and more will be added as more challenges are completed (scroll down to see them all). If you have a story to tell that would inspire others please let us know via the CONTACT FORM

Barry Blyth - English Fell Champion

Mountain Challenges

Harry Newton – Marathon Man

Hazel Winder – 247 miles

Phil Cheek – Joss Naylor

Jim Kelly – Joss Naylor

English Fell Champion – Barry Blyth (65)

Joss Naylor – Rob Gittins

Frog Graham – Tom Whittington

Ultras and National Records (2016)

National Records and Ultras

* Note: This was produced by Barry Blyth in 2016 and needs an update

Tom Whittington – Bob Graham (2019)

Tom’s account of his 2019 BG
2019 Tom Whittington BG

Harriers UTMB Participation – Martin Rands (2020)

Martin’s UTMB write up of the Harriers participation in UTMB
Harriers UTMB – Martin Rands 2020

Trig Challenge – Catharine Crossley (2020)