Here are the list of races for 2023 as well as other club fell running activity (see images). Some races yet to be confirmed so may need a few tweaks in due course. With so many long events/challenges already planned by a number of people in June/July (and associated training required before hand), I have tried to weight most fell and trail races to Spring and late Summer/Autumn.
Peaks Trail Series sees several new races that are generally local in nature, but a couple of long ones included such as Peak’s Skyline; both the ‘short’ and ‘long’ races will count.
Summer Series – as per 2022
The High Fell Series is generally tougher than 2022, but none of the super-long classics are included and two shorter races bookend the beginning and end of the season and should provide some great entertainment. The only tough one navigationally is Langdale. Buttermere Sailbeck is one of my absolute favourites. Note that Two Riggs is in Feb and already half full so get entries in ASAP. September’s Ring of Steall in Glen Coe (Scotland) will sell out quickly (not sure when it opens yet – its a big international race), which is why I added it and The Old Crown Round as bonus races in the High Fell Series in case we don’t get many entries in. Edale (pre-entry) and Eskdale (enter on day) in March and April will help get people’s fitness in focus ahead of the club weekend!
The People’s Choice
Thanks for the votes. Top races in each category were:
HFS: 1. Langdale, 2. Eskdale Elevation, 3. Sedburgh (Howtown was in there too, but race now confirmed the day after the big club BGR outing)
PTS: 1. Windgather, 2. Bolly 3Peaks, 3. Edale
SMS: 1. Shining Tor, 2. Boar’s Head, 3.Terry’s H5
All the above are included. Voters may have missed the point, that they had the chance to vote for a race not currently being considered – but that made my job easier so thanks!
Any errors spotted please let me know.