Macclesfield Harriers & Athletic Club

Runners' World - Road Shoe Testing - update

Many thanks to everyone who applied to test road shoes for Runners World ( RW ).  We had 95 applicants and 55 names were forwarded to them, to hopefully receive test shoes.

RW will do their best to provide all volunteers with shoes, however they do not control what the manufacturers send and try and match shoes to volunteers as best they can. Therefore being forwarded is not a guarantee volunteers will get shoes. 

Mel will confirm finally who has been successful once the labelled shoes arrive.

On delivery Mel will arrange a suitable time / place to distribute the shoes, which  we expect to be around the 15th December. 

Mel will also send you the link to the online feedback form. This MUST be completed fully by the deadline, which we will also confirm.

MHAC have been extremely lucky in that we have always provided good quality feedback to RW within the timescales required and therefore continue to be chosen to test shoes.

Let's keep the momentum going any questions please do ask.

Mel W - Test Shoe Manager