XC Club Championships Rules

XC Club Championships Rules

Rules for XC Club Championships 2022-2023 season

U13 to Senior Runners

Your best 4 league races plus your best two ‘non-qualifying’ championship races to count. These could be the Cheshire Championships, Northern Championships and the English National Championships inclusive.

Scoring is as follows:

1st runner home = 20 points, 2nd runner home = 19 points, 3rd runner home = 18 points and so forth.

For runners who compete in their county championships outside Cheshire scoring will work as follows:

(Win = 20 points, Top 3 = 19 points, Top 10 = 18 points, Top 20 = 17 points, Top 30 = 16 points (all other positions 15 points)

U11 runners only

As above but best of 5 total races (League and/or Cheshire Championship). FOR U11s – The Cheshire Championships are worth an extra 2 points per position. (1st =  22 points, 2nd 20 points etc…)


Runners can only be awarded if they complete all the required races.

If there is a tie for 1st, additional races will be counted until a winner is decided. If there is still a tie a head to head over the season will decide the winner.

League Trophies, where applicable, will be awarded to the runners who have scored the highest points over the corresponding league. Additional trophies for both leagues can be purchased for all competing members of the team (please contact your team manager to arrange).