Road Running Championship Rules – 2023

2023 Club Road Running Championship Prizes and Rules

The following competitions will be run in 2023:

1) Mens and Ladies “Open” Championship Prizes (Perpetual Trophy)

2) Mens and Ladies “Veteran” Championship Prizes (Perpetual Trophy)
(The “Veteran” championship starts from V40)

3) Mens and Ladies “U20” Championship Prizes (Perpetual Trophy)

Points for each race calculated as follows:
1st Harrier 100 points, 2nd Harrier 99 points, 3rd Harrier 98 points to 100th Harrier 1 point!

10 extra points for designated Cheshire Grand Prix races

(ie 1st Harrier 110 points, 2nd Harrier 109 points, 3rd Harrier 108 points, etc..)

Your time will be Chip Time where available. (If chip time the same then better gun time and/or race position will determine order)

Best 6 races to count with no more than 3 events from each category and at least 1 short, 1 medium and 1 long race. (U20 no long race required and any 4 races count)

In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by a) Number of races completed, b) Average points scored per race

4) Mens and Ladies “Open” Overall Points Prizes (voucher)

Points from all races completed from the Club Road Running Championship list of races

5) Mens and Ladies “Open” Handicap Prizes (voucher)
Based on performances in All Races. Best 4 to count.

Handicap scores to be calculated from the Run Britain vSSS score for each race

To compete, runners must be registered with Run Britain (

The Handicap prize should reflect the most improved runner and in theory anyone can win
Any questions please contact the Road Running Manager, Ray O’Keefe (