Kerridge-O (2023)

Kerridge-O 2023 is a fun trail orienteering challenge in the countryside surrounding Kerridge Ridge.


The rules are simple:

  1. Get the map and clue sheet – buttons on the right
  2. If you plan to submit a time taken and/or distance travelled then you need to decide where you want to start/finish – you MUST start/finish in the same place. If you are just going to submit the clue answers (no time/distance) then this does not matter – start and finish wherever you want.
  3. Decide if you will do it in one outing (a long run) or in smaller sections – if you plan to submit a time taken and/or distance travelled with your clue answers then every time you go out you MUST start/finish at your chosen start/finish location (so choosing that location is important!)
  4. Visit all 40 control points (or as many as you decide to visit) in any order you want – you MUST get as close to each control as possible (be sensible – there is no need to climb over walls or up telegraph poles!). You may find OS explorer map OL24 helpful as well as the map provided..
  5. You must have visited all 40 controls to fully complete the event (you will still appear in the results table if you do not visit all 40)
  6. Complete the GOOGLE Form ( with your answers and optionally elapsed total time taken and total distance The form will open on 16/2/2023.


The map and clue sheet are available here (PDF and JPEG) and all answers need to be submitted by 7.00pm on Sunday 26th February – a total of 10 days are available to take part in Kerridge-O 2023.


League tables will be visible in the Trail Group Facebook area each evening as the results come in.


  • Can I do the course more than once – yes, if you want the exercise and have plenty of time
  • Can I do the course in sections – yes (if you plan to submit a time and/or distance you must start and finish each section at your chosen start point)
  • Can I do it with friends/family – yes, but you must stay together
  • Are the controls easy to find – yes, they are all on marked footpaths and clearly visible
  • How are the controls shown on the map – each control is marked with a red circle with a red dot in the middle. The red dot is the location of the control. Each control on the map has a number that corresponds to the clue number and you need to record your answer to the clue question.
  • Can I ‘reccy’ the route beforehand – Yes
  • Do I need to physically ‘touch’ each control – yes if possible (in the case of the telegraph or power poles touching the pole is accepted and there is no need to climb over any walls!)
  • How do I submit my answers and time/distance – form:

Where can I get help – post your question in the Kerridge-O Facebook event – somebody might help!

The Map

Map version 2 – 17th Feb 23