A note on the history of the Club’s trophies

Each year the performances, achievements and contributions of Macclesfield Harriers are recognised in the awarding of various trophies. Many of these trophies continue the memory of some of the Harriers and benefactors who have made a significant contribution to the Club over the years.  The following notes provide a brief summary to the background to some of these Trophies.

Cross Country Best Cross Country Performance – Based on the best performance at the County Championships: The Arthur Evans Memorial Plate

Arthur Evans first became a member of Macclesfield Harriers in 1947 and after a relatively inactive period in the 60s was a key player in the Club’s revival in the 70s. For many years Arthur was the long distance and cross-country coach and Team Manager and was also the Club’s first President. Arthur was a great enthusiast for athletics. One example of his attitude was when running round the streets of Macclesfield with his group of athletes they were subjected to the (less than encouraging shouts of some local lads). Rather than simply ignoring them Arthur invited them to come and join them and see if they could keep up. As a result of this encounter one of those young lads by the name of Martin Skirvin joined the Harriers and indeed became one of the club’s best runners setting some of the best road performances and track records.

Cross Country: Senior Men: The 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment Cup

The Cheshire Regiment Cup was donated to Macclesfield Harriers to mark the close association between the Regiment and the Harriers. At time of National Service (late 50’s/early 60’s), several Macc Harriers joined the Cheshire Regiment (and competed in the Army Cross-country champs) and some of the lads from the Cheshire Regiment competed for Macc. There were also several matches between the Cheshire Regiment and Macc Harriers and they also competed in relay races organised by Macc Harriers. When the Regiment left Chester they donated a Trophy to Macc Harriers with the proviso that it be awarded for cross country.

Contribution to the Club: Betty Sudell Memorial Trophy & Track & Field: Senior Ladies: The Richard Sudell Memorial Trophy

Betty and Richard Sudell were two of the main people involved in the revival of Macclesfield Harriers in 1974. When Richard and Betty’s daughter Ann wanted to take up athletics and was told that the nearest club was Sale Harriers, her father Richard (Dick) Sudell made enquiries and put an advert in the local paper asking if anyone was interested in forming a club. After a meeting at his house a small group hired the Town Hall and advertised an open meeting for anyone interested. The rest, as they say is history.

Track & Field: Best Track and Field Performance: Piggott and Whitfield Cup

Piggott & Whitfield is an engineering and building services company established in 1892.

Fell: Male endurance: Brian Kemp Memorial Trophy & Fell: Female endurance: Brian Kemp Memorial Trophy

Brian was the first Senior runner to join the re-established Macc Harriers in 1974 (age 25) and for nine years before 1984 Brian was the Club’s lone representative in the National Cross-Country Championships. His all-time best performances were: 1500m 4.04.6, 10,000 31m 46s, 10 mile 51m 01s, marathon 2h32m10s, 24 h: 103 miles.

Although Brian developed health problems that meant he was no longer able to run he continued to make a significant contribution to Macclesfield Harriers as a track timekeeper for many years. Unfortunately Brian died as a result of an accident on 27th Oct 2006 when he was just 58.

Fell: Men’s Championship: The Ken Hall Fell Runner Trophy

Ken Hall had been a club member for a little over two years when he died suddenly while out walking with his dog in May 1986. During these two years Ken had established himself as one of the club’s top fell runners (including competing in the High Peak and Karrimor Mountain Marathons), as well as being a sub-three hour marathon runner. In June 86 the Committee agreed to have a Fell Running Championship trophy in memory of Ken.

Fell: Barry Blyth Club Enthusiast Award

The much loved Barry Blyth passed away in November 2019. He ran every race going, and it was very rare he didn’t win his age group. He was also renowned for giving lots of help. In his honour this award will be presented for the most fell races entered across the 3 championship series. This is very much about participation and an opportunity for people who don’t usually win races to be recognised for their efforts.

Finally, Stanley Spearing was one of the founder members of Macclesfield Harriers in the 1940’s. Although Macclesfield Harriers does not have a Spearing Trophy, his nephew Marshall Spearing, a renowned butcher and pie maker in the town, has donated a Trophy for the first lady in the Kerridge Climb fell race. A trophy won by several Macclesfield Harriers over the years.