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Reminder to please support Harriers running Marathons for Charity

Harriers running Marathons for charity

Mark’s Marathon Challenge (update.... 2 down, one to go !!)

In April, Mark Godden is running three marathons on consecutive Sundays in aid of the Rossendale Trust. They are Manchester on the 8th, Brighton on the 15th and London on the 22nd. You will be familiar with the Trust through the support we give them via the Langley 7 every year. It provides Supported Living care to adults with learning and physical disabilities. The sponsorship money he raises will be used to support their ‘WorkTaste' placement scheme, which enables the Trust’s tenants to gain experience of the workplace. Please consider sponsoring him in his mad endeavour! The relevant link is given below.

Other Harriers running Marathons for charity

Alison Hartopp is attempting her first Marathon at the Virgin Money London Marathon raising money for Christies.

Maryann Downing is running the VMLM for the Rossendale Trust.

Help MaryAnn VLM 2018 make a difference

Wendy Boardman is running for Alzheimer’s Society.

Wendy is organising some fundraising events in order to raise money for Alzheimers Society. These include Afternoon Tea Parties, a quiz night on May 18th and a Pub-O in Bollington (date to be confirmed). 

You can also help Harry Newton, who is running the London Marathon for Christies, raise money for this great cause by donating directly to their fundraising page -

Simon Frith is running the Manchester Marathon in support of the Macclesfield Athletics Development Fund.

Anna Maddox is running the London Marathon (and later Snowdonia) Marathon in aid of the Christies who have been looking after her dad for the last couple of years.

James Scully is running the Manchester Marathon on 8th April for Cancer Research UK.

and (according to his wife !) 'In typical Goodfellow style Chris has left it until the eleventh hour to set up his just giving page for the London marathon. He's raising money for Cancer Research UK.

Any other charity running Harriers please get in touch ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) and we’ll get your links up here on the website.