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Jedburgh Half Marathon report from Andy and Dawn Devine

Back in the summer of 2016, Dawn and I had the rosy-eyed plan to complete three half marathons within October – a challenge which we’d never come close to previously!  With Congleton and Manchester HMs in the bag, we headed off to Jedburgh in Scotland for the third (and hardest).


Jedburgh is a small sleepy town with its own Abbey just across the border to the East of the Northumberland National Park – a beautiful setting.  The Half Marathon was part of the very friendly weekend running festival ( ) which has been going for a few years, which comprises a 38 mile ultra, ultra relay, full marathon, half, 10k, wheelchair/handbike 10k and……a 7.5k canicross race where you run with a dog!!  

Dawn Devine (2:14:35) and Andy Devine (2:05:30) were first Harriers home in the Half (however, no PBs this time) after completing the undulating course with a long straight drag into the wind (excuses, excuses….)

I would recommend this race (or one of the others during the weekend) to anyone happy to travel a little further.  The race is run almost entirely on closed roads which makes a nice change. The locals are very friendly and there is a fantastic pub selling an unimaginable range of weird and wonderful burgers!