Macclesfield Harriers & Athletic Club

Road Running Group Guidelines

The following guidelines are adopted by each road running group to ensure safety, enjoyment, inclusion, personal development & competition.

1.       The nominated Group Leader is responsible for the safe operation of the group

2.       Group runners are responsible for their own safety and also for the safety of fellow runners

3.       If the group leader is not present or unable to continue then the group must select a new leader within the ‘senior’ members present and continue to follow the group guidelines

4.       The leader must ensure before the start of the run that each member is fit to take part (it is the responsibility of each member to declare illness or injury)

5.       The group will carry out a ‘dynamic warm-up’ prior to starting to run

6.       The leader will note the number of runners at the start and finish of the run

7.       The leader will agree a route for the run with the members

8.       The leader will carry a means of communication (normally a mobile phone) for emergencies

9.       The pace of the group will be dictated by the needs of the slowest runner

10.   The group must stay within contact of all members with no more than 100 metres separating the front and rear runners unless a ‘split’ has been agreed with the leader. Faster runners should ‘loop back’ or wait when they are 100 metres ahead

11.   The group must approach all roads and road junctions with caution and only cross when safe to do so

12.    Group members will wear reflective clothing when running in the dark and protective clothing in cold/wet weather

13.   Group members will not wear earphones (for iPod/MP3 players)

14.   On ‘cross-country’ routes the group will follow the country code using permitted footpaths and rights of way ensuring all gates are closed and livestock is not compromised

15.   Country roads with no footpaths will only be used in daylight hours and runners must be in single file facing oncoming traffic

16.   Runners unable to continue due to injury or illness will be escorted back to the starting point by another group member or wait for a member of the group to return with transport

17.   Minor injuries or accidents arising during the run must be reported to the group leader

18.   The group leader will seek medical assistance in the event of a serious injury or accident by calling 999

19.   The group leader will encourage group members to move up a group when appropriate

20.   The group leader will encourage participation in events (especially club championship events)