Macclesfield Harriers & Athletic Club

The fell running manager is Graham Brown - Contact_Details

Fell Handicap start times

From our esteemed handicapper Mr Cheek ....
I`m aiming to have everyone back at 1pm,so start times are as follows,having taken into consideration all comments and last minute gifts.
If you`re not listed please contact me for a time(I`m still waiting for input on a few folk who haven`t raced much or not been around to get measure of)
If any of the student offspring are around maybe the parents can give me a steer on where to put them.Helvellyn completers will get a 5 minute extra allowance.
9.20 NBunyan.AIreland.Matt&Rose.JFletcher
9.35 ALeonard. DWhewell.KTurner
9.40 RGriffin.WMeredith
9.45 HWinder.BMurray.BJackson.DDonaghue.AOgden
9.50 JMiles.CArdron.ASteel
9.55 SAPattinson.NGunn.DWalker.ASkelhorn.CLitherland.LDay.AArdron.AAddis.Walton
10.02 SBarnes.KMcque.PHunt.PCoppack.MCalvert.MBradford.
10.05 BMcFadyen.MRands.MMcDermott.CGriffin.JGardnerSteve Pigskin!JTatham.TLongman.NMurphy.PRedhead
1010 RLawrence.TMontagueGPengell.MMallett.KHewitson.
1015 EDouglas.JBradshaw.SSwallow.RGay
1025 JBrown.NClarke
1030 BBlyth
1032 MNelson.REagle
1034 NMessenger.JMooney.PNiel
1036 DHarris.IHughes.JNoakes
1042 RHoughton
1045 ISymington.RLitherland
1055 SHarding.ALamont

COST-£5 to cover food at finish,any surplus to charity
FINISH-TEGGS BOTTOM (Phil`s car at South end of dam wall)
PARKING-Teggs Bottom or on street,park considerately please
ROUTE-MUST BE FOLLOWED.If in doubt check at start
Map here,  with the old map (old start) here