Macclesfield Harriers & Athletic Club

The fell running manager is Graham Brown - Contact_Details

2016 Club Fell Handicap - Start Times

The annual club Fell Handicap is on Sunday December 11th with registration in the St Dunstan Inn, Langley.

The organiser is Philip Cheek ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Start times have been allocated and other information is below...

If you think I've been overly harsh on anyone (except yourself  & Dave Tucker of course) you can protest on their behalf.

Names shown with a / between them  are running as a team , will have 1 number & must stick together.

Cost this year is £6 per head, please try to bring the correct money.

Don`t forget to bring full kit (minimum is full waterproofs,hat,gloves,whistle & food & it will be good to have as many phones as possible).

I`m expecting a big turnout & hence a crowded St Dunstans.Please don`t scoff all the food before the last few marshalls (ie ME) arrive.

Share cars where possible & park responsibly please.Don`t forget there are now marked parking bays just past the village before the waterworks.

For those running in a 'team' (marked with a '/') you must start together, run together and finish together.

Please contact Philip if there are any corrections/omissions.


0900 Nicola Tasker, Kath Turner, Nancy Bunyan/Julia Dickie

0910 Anna Maddox, Rachel Gillilland, Carol Upton/Julie Smith

0920 Joanne Foster, Rachel Heslop, Catherine Crossley/Alison Gunn/Mel Power

0930 Kim Eastham, Jude Whitehall

0935 Nicola Waterworth, Brian Jackson, Colin Ardron

0940 Sheona Southern, Jim Kelly, Christine Richie, Simon Cartledge, Jo Miles, Mark Wheelton, Dave Shoesmith, Angus Tennant

0945 Chris Pimlott, Rob Bailey, Den Massett/Emma Beveridge

0950 Dave Walker, Kelly Buckley, Chris Cripps, Iona Harle, Lynda Cook

0952 Charlie Macarthy, Robert Mills, Andrew Ratcliffe, Nic Lewis

0955 Andy Ardron,Hazel Winder,Dave Tucker, Richard Ainley, Cliff Lomas, Andy Addis

1000 StewartWaudby, Emma Mason, Phil Barnes, Julie Gardner, Steve Lomas, Mark Godden, Rob Graves, Dave Larkin, Nina Moss

1003 Stephanie Wood, Geoff Pettengell, Andy Skelhorn

1007 Mark Stanbridge, Cllare Griffin, Kirsty Birch, Spence Sivewright, Mandy Calvert, Neil Gunn, Martin Rands, Catherine ODonnell, Naomi Kershawl

1010 Sean Connelly, Tim Marsh, Richard Brown, Helen Evans, Dave Buxton, John Mackintosh, Fred Wardle, Catherine Voyce, Andrea Frost

1015 Alannah Birtwhistle, Barry Blyth, Sophie Kirk, Ian Hughes, Tom Whittington, Jon Tatham, Ray OKeefe, Kathleen ODonnell, Steve Millar, Kristy Gill

1020 Brian Macfadyen, Digby Harris, Graham Brown, Richard Applewhite, Tom Grimes, Steve Swallow, Neil Clarke, Rachael Lawrance, Joe De Souza, Kirsty Hewitson, Marc Bradford

1027 Mark Messenger, Mike Nelson, Rob Gittins, Neil Hey, Matt Lewis, Julian Brown, John Mooney, Angela Markley

1031 Dave Lawrance, Shaun Wilde, Dave Whitfield

1034 Rober Hasler, Ewan Edmonson,

1038 Dan Croft, Chris Bentley, Olivia Walwyn

1041 Dave Hughes, Peter Nield, James Noakes, Jacob Roberts, Carl Hanaghan, Allen Bunyan

1045 Simon Harding, Ben Greenwood, Ed Gamble