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Press Reports

You should have read in the magazine by now that as well as editting the website, I'm also taking over from Andy Burgon as press officer. The normal procedure is that reports are sent to me - Ideally by Sunday night, and then I send them to the Macclesfield Express later Sunday or early Monday for inclusion in that week's paper. Photos can accompany articles.

I can be reached via the email form on the website... click here .

John Bunyan 


Welcome to the "new" Macclesfield Harriers website. This is the fourth generation of the website, and while not a major change from the format of the previous one, you should notice quite a few differences. The main change is that the news items and most of the content is now "dynamically generated" from a database. This gives a lot more flexibility in the way the content is managed and archived. Articles are stored under categories that can be navigated to via the top menu and the most recent articles will be shown on the front page. There is also a search facility that I hope people find useful. Finally I've also added a proper photo gallery to organise club photos and allow "trusted" people to upload their own. If you have any comments on the new site, please post comments in the forum. For more details, you can see a more comprehensive "website" guide via the link on the left hand side.

John Bunyan - webmaster & press secretary 

Presentation Evening

REMINDER! - This year's presentation evening will take place on Friday April 7th at 7.30pm at the Broken Cross Institute. All welcome! It's here if you don't know where it is... (thanks Mandy!)