Macclesfield Harriers & Athletic Club

Junior Christmas Party

Party time! 

The young Macclesfield Harriers are planning a Christmas Party 7pm on 8th December.
Details are here (word document) or click on the read more link below.
Sheila & Peter Williams
Tel.    01625 614516
Mob.  07949853080


Club mag - delivery delays

As you may have noticed some of you have not received Septembers Go! yet.
Due to work commitments I have not been able to organise the delivery of the mag and on Saturday I'm off to France on holiday for 2 weeks.This is just to let you know that it will be the 1st week in November until I can sort out delivery. Unless someone volunteers to pick them up and sort them out!'
[I thought he was going to blame it on the postal strike! - Ed.] 

Christmas Party

Just a quick note regarding this years Fell and Road Runners Christmas party. Chris Bently and myself have been looking into this, and we have been asking people for date's and venue's. The feedback was that The Town House in Macclesfield would be the best venue and on the 14th of December . We have now booked this venue for the 14th of December for the Christmas party and it will be kicking off at 7.30pm.


Club Mag

The latest edition of the club Mag is on its way to you, if not with you already...


Club Anorak Exposed (update!)

Andy Gray has sent me an updated version of his analysis of the club runners and "normalised" performance spreadsheet. The latest version can be found here. (updated to 11th Feb!)

Below is the original explanation plus a link to the first version of the spreadsheet... 

"Am sending you an excel spreadsheet trying to compare the levels of performance on different terrain within the club. Its based entirely on finishing times and calibrated so that scratch time equates to 1 hour at Wilmslow half ( a rating of 0) and 2 hours means a rating of 1000. I’ve tried to cover local races particularly with Macc involvement, and hope to do eg Staff Moorland series and London Marathon when time permits.

The idea was to be able to see how good a run was especially on the fells (ie no time/distance significance) compared to more runners than for instance Tim; so avoiding the assumption that Tim ran badly rather than the rest of us ran well. I know it will have its faults and foibles but it’s based on all runners median ratings to allow for an individual bad run. I’ve double checked Cloud and Wincle trout runs, I suspect they look out of line because many non fell runners ran in them making the more experienced runners appear better.

If anyone has any suggestions or races I should analyse then let me know, and if anyone was wondering in previous lives I was a train spotter and spent more time in the bookies than at college.(I am in remission of both afflictions now)"

Another spreadsheet for this year has appeared here