Macclesfield Harriers & Athletic Club

Founded 1897 – reformed 1945 – affiliated to England Athletics (registration number 2658261), Cheshire County Athletics Association and Northern Athletics

John Honey Physiotherapy

As I'm sure you know, the club has a partnership with John Honey, they've provided a few words below about who they are and what they can offer !


At John Honey Physiotherapy, we’re proud of our ongoing partnership with the Macclesfield Harriers & Athletics Club. We’ve been providing physiotherapy support to your running group for many years and we’re pleased to say that offering more services our relationship is still as strong as ever.

We offer specific physiotherapy services as support for members of Macclesfield Harriers which include:

* Specialist running clinics on the first Tuesday of every month at the Macclesfield Harriers clubhouse

* Free 15 minute diagnostic assessments for members experiencing running injuries

* Sports massage and physiotherapy support to the Macclesfield Half Marathon and the Langley 7 races.

Our highly experienced team of Physios have worked with top level athletes at Manchester City FC, Macclesfield Town FC, Leicester Tigers RUFC and at a national level with the England Amateur Boxing Association. We are also specialists in assessing and treating numerous running injuries.

Due to the high impact nature of the sport, pain whilst running is common. Most runners are then faced with a decision of whether to carry on, take a break from running or seek help. Often if rest or a break from running has helped ease your symptoms, the decision to commence running again can also be a tough one.

Questions we are regularly asked are:

* When is it safe to run again?

* Will my symptoms come back if I start running again?

* Should it be painful?

* Will I make things worse by continuing to run especially if I’m experiencing pain?

If you have found yourself asking these questions, then we’d recommend an assessment with one of our specialist sports Physios. We will discuss with you the nature of your symptoms, when they occur and how severe they are. We can then assess how your joints move and any areas of dysfunction or weakness that may be causing or contributing to the problem. We can also look at your running style and whether the way you run could be contributing to your symptoms.

In terms of advice and treatment, sometimes some simple adjustments can be made to your running style or a few simple stretching and strengthening exercises can make a lot of difference to improving your symptoms and running performance. If the problem appears to be more serious then a course of physiotherapy may be required. During a course of physiotherapy treatment, we can perform specialist treatment techniques including sports massage, tissue release, mobilisation of stiff joints, acupuncture, electrotherapy techniques such as ultrasound and advice on self-help such as useful stretches and muscle strengthening exercises.

We work closely with the group leaders and coaches of the Macclesfield Harriers so if you require a specific plan to continue running or you are returning to running after injury, we can advise the best way for you to do this.

Our clinic at Trinity House Practice based on Cumberland Street, in Macclesfield also offers other support to members of Macclesfield Harriers including Sports Massage, Pilates classes including specialist Performance Pilates for runners, Podiatry and Sports Psychology sessions.

So, if pain is preventing you from achieving your goals or is affecting your running performance, an assessment with one of our specialist Physios will help diagnose the problem so that we can then support you back to your required level of fitness. Please contact us on 01625 500777 or please come down to the clubhouse on the first Tuesday of the month to talk to one of our Physios.