Macclesfield Harriers & Athletic Club

Club Personal Accident Insurance-Please Read!

One of the benefits of England Athletics (EA) affiliation is the benefit of Public Liability insurance, the details of which are here.

Additionally, for over 10 years the club has paid personal accident insurance for members that would pay a relatively small sum should any member have a serious accident whilst out training with the club.  

With this year's renewal it was noted that the terms of the policy had changed which made it invalid for the size of the club. We have made attempts to modify the policy to accommodate this but the annual premium has increased ten fold to around £3000. 


We do not believe that it is in the interests of the club to pay this premium for a policy with minimal benefits and hence we are informing members of this decision. In addition, as far as I am aware no claims on this policy have ever been made.


Training groups are however covered by EA insurance for public liability (subject to the terms of their policy) in the case of any injury or damage to 3rd parties whilst on a club run or event.


Do contact me if you require any further information.