Macclesfield Harriers & Athletic Club

Cross Discipline Challenge

Congratulations to the following members who have completed the Cross Discipline Challenge for 2017:

Thomas Roberts, Oliver Bradley, Libby Greeney, Peter Goodfellow, Philip Goodfellow, Rebecca Dilworth, Harry Newton, Mark Wheelton, Kathleen O'Donnell, Ray O'Keefe, Barry Blythe, Rachel Gilliland, Dave Larkin

If you think you have also completed the challenge then this is your very last reminder to let me know.  Details of the challenge and my contact details are here:

Some of this year’s crop of successful challengers have the following things to say about their experiences:

Harry Newton

I have competed at several distances as a road runner from 5K to Virgin London marathon (including lots of the club championship races). I have very much enjoyed the challenge and have been inspired by the performances of fellow Harriers in the other disciplines.

At the track and field events as well as competing at 3000 metres and 100 metres I witnessed some amazing performances by our young athletes and the devotion of the coaches. They are the future of the club.

I took part in the Wincle Trout and the Teggs Nose fell runs which were challenging, but I managed to complete them both successfully thanks to the support and guidance of the marshals.

I was listed as a V80 for the first time in the XC event at Heaton Park. I was lucky to have good weather with very little mud. My final event was the XC event at Stafford Common. Again we had good weather and not too much mud.

I think with the help of my van I have just about done enough in the volunteering department.

Overall the challenge has been a rewarding experience and has helped me appreciate the diversity of the club.

Rachel Gilliland

I’ve really enjoyed trying out new things, I can safely say I would never otherwise have entered a track event if not doing the challenge. I’ve found that my favourite discipline has been the fell and my plan for next year is simply to do more fell, which will help me train for the Snowdon Marathon in July! 

Kathleen O’Donnell

I think it’s a brilliant challenge and would recommend to everyone! I was inspired to do it by hearing about it on the harrier’s website and was very impressed seeing all the people who had completed it at the club awards last year. I think it’s a really tough challenge as everyone has a natural running preference and there are many reasons why we mightn’t want to try another discipline. For example, I was always very scared to do road races as I find it very hard to keep going at a hard effort without stops like you get at my favourite fell and at track training. However, I found the road events very exciting, with a great atmosphere and there’s always a great turn out of harriers so that made me feel less worried. I was very nervous at these events but the fun of car sharing and warming up, for example, with other harriers helped with that. I found the northern road relays particularly fun - the team atmosphere was great and the course was a lovely, sunny park.

The other discipline I was terrified to do was track and field. I train at the track which although I find it so hard, I know it’s a great way to do interval training and increase your speed, endurance and mental strength. However, I thought a track and field event would be very scary with lots of really speedy young runners.

However I really enjoyed both events! There were quite a few seniors at both events and the young ones were really pleased to see us I think and it’s a lovely chance to cheer them on!

At each start line before your event, you are with the other club seniors from across the region so you all have a good chat. I felt really proud to represent Macc harriers even though I knew my performance wouldn’t give many points, I think taking part did get some points so every little counted. Hilary needed senior ladies to do the long jump - again I was terrified but found it hilarious. I don’t think I’d done it for maybe 25 years but once again the other ladies competing and the Marshall’s were so helpful and friendly. I really like the way everyone shakes hands after each event.

I’ve also loved doing XC again this year, it’s my second least favourite discipline after road running as once again there are no stops and it’s so hard to run through the mud! But again I love the team atmosphere and how it’s the taking part that really helps our senior ladies team, no matter how well you do or don’t!  I love cheering on the juniors and the gents at XC.

I absolutely loved marshalling at Langley 7. The atmosphere was amazing with all the harriers. I was marshalling at Judy lane quite near the start and I was so excited waiting for the runners to come past and emotional! It was so fun cheering everyone on and being able to shout so many names! I then ran to finish and again it was just so exciting seeing everyone arriving in and the highlight was definitely the double rainbow over teggs that everyone finished under :).

I’d thoroughly recommend Cross Discipline to anyone next year. I think it’s the support and fun you have with the other harriers warming up or maybe car sharing; having coffee/pint/ cake after the event that make all the events such fun and I liked the challenge of trying and getting through the ones I was frightened of! I’m still going to try some road and track events this year to challenge myself again! GO ON MACC!!!

Dave Larkin

For my part, I have loved taking on the challenge again this year.  As Kathleen says, we all have our favourite type of event but there are so many benefits to taking on different challenges.  The strengths and skills you develop in one discipline help so much with the others and there is always cake!

I’d love to see more of you taking on the challenge next year, please just ask if you have any questions.