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Track fees Proposal, Club Secretary Required, Committee Meeting Cancelled

A proposal for the collection of Track fees has been recently published in the September 'GO' magazine. The full proposal is also here in this website article. Please read the proposal below and pass on any comments to me by e mail or in person at the track on a Tuesday (contact details below).

Tracey Porritt has informed the Committee that she would like to resign as Club Secretary. Therefore we need another club member to take on the role. Please contact me if you are interested in taking on this role.

The committee meeting scheduled for Thursday 7th September has been cancelled as several committee members could not attend. The meeting will now be on Thu 28th September (8.15pm, Clubhouse) - members are welcome to attend..


Track Fees Proposal April 2018 onwards

The current situation is that the club hires the track twice a week throughout the year as well as the Indoor Sportshall for U11’s. The annual cost for this is ~£13000.

The money to cover this expense is paid by members who use the track and Indoor Sportshall. The vast majority of the members who use these facilities are Juniors (~200).  In addition we have on average 8 Seniors who attend once a week.

Currently the money is collected on the night (£2.50 per member per session). About 30 Juniors also pay a quarterly track fee of £30 as an alternative.

This means that ~£350 per week (mainly in coins) has to be counted, bagged and paid into the bank in the town centre. Other money collected for club kit also has to be paid in and reported separately to the Club Treasurer. This activity takes place on 50 weeks of the year. For many years Kevin Ranshaw performed this task until last April. Bob Lynch is currently doing this on a temporary basis.

 As a committee we feel that this situation cannot continue and that other members would not be willing to continue to perform this task. As a society we are increasingly moving towards a cashless economy and we feel that now is the time to make this change.

It is proposed that the track fees are changed to an annual payment for all members who attend track training. For the vast majority of members who do not use the track facility there will be no change to the current membership fee Currently these fees are £30 for competing members and £16 for non-competing members

The level of proposed Track fee payments are as follows:

Juniors            £70

Senior             £50


The different fees above are due to the fact that Seniors can only train at the track once a week whereas Juniors can go twice a week.

The above fees would be paid at the time of membership renewal in addition to Harriers membership.

As there are relatively few Seniors (and some train at the track for specific events) we will have an option of a Track pass that would cover ten sessions for £30. Additional track passes could be bought throughout the year. Senior track passes would be bought from myself and I would arrange paying the fees into the bank.

U11 Annual Junior Membership would be £86 (£16 Harriers membership and £70 Track fee)

U13’s upwards Annual Junior Membership would be £100 (£16 Harriers membership, £14 EA fee and £70 track fee).


For families with more than one child the second child track fee would be £60 and the third child £50.

The above options will cover Junior members for up to 100 training sessions in the year. The cheapest current option for this is currently 4 track passes at a cost of £120. Indeed many Juniors pay £2.50 at each session with some paying over £200 per year.

Senior Track Membership would be £80 (£16 Harriers membership, £14 EA fee and £50 Track fee).

The committee realise that for some parents the annual fee may prove to be a large expense. If this is the case then parents can contact Bob Lynch or myself to discuss the situation.

For members that join part way through the year the track fee will be reduced on after October 1st

6 month fee Juniors  £35

6 month fee Seniors £25

Payments would be accepted either online via BACS or at the track (cheques preferred).

It is entirely possible that the amount of money raised using this proposal would not cover the annual expense of £13000. The committee would adjust the track fee payments in future years if this was the case.

The above document is a proposal. We are willing to listen to concerns and alternative  ideas.

Keith Mulholland


Macclesfield Harriers & A.C.

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