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Boxing Day Road Handicap cancelled with alternative Road Handicap event planned for June

The numbers of runners attending the Boxing Day Road Handicap have slowly dwindled over the years to the point where the effort required to organise this event is considered too much for the number of people running. Therefore, it has been decided that we will no longer put on a Road Handicap on Boxing Day but plan to have another Handicap type event for runners in June when the weather is nicer and more people are around. For those who still want to have a run on Boxing Day there will be some informal runs organised by some of the running groups with info to be posted here soon.

Initial ideas for the new Road Running Handicap in June are that the format will still be one where people predict their time and the people running closest to their predicted time will get prizes. The new Road Running Handicap will be organised from the track on a weekday evening in June when the weather will, hopefully, be nice allowing people to also socialise after. The distance for the new Road Handicap will be approximately 5 miles. Any other ideas for this type of event or offers to help out are welcome and should be directed to the Road Running Manager Ray O’Keefe ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).