Bob Graham Round 9th/10th June 2000

Mandy Calvert, Trevor Longman, Barry Blyth

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Mandy story, times
Barry story
Trevor story

After a terrible Friday night in thick mist and heavy showers all three successfully completed their rounds with better conditions during the middle and latter parts of Saturday.

Mandy set off first at 6.00pm with Pete Skelton navigating her around a faultless first leg to Threlkeld where she met up with Bob Lock who provided the road support for all the runners. Trevor and Barry set off at 6.30pm with Bill Johnson at the helm and they had a more eventful first leg, dropping their supporters! On the next leg they had more problems - the planned navigator Chris Rhodes injured his leg, so a replacement was found in Rob Shaw who took them through in the mist and rain, but by Dunmail they were an hour behind schedule. Mandy's second leg was well navigated by Richard Calder and she kept bang on plan.

From Dunmail to Wasdale the boys were led by Mark Hartell and Dave Parry. They were taken via an adventure route up Bowfell and a further minor detour at Scafell to get to Lord's Rake (they had planned on Broad Stand, but this was far too slippery in the wet conditions). On the descent Trevor pulled away from Barry and they separated from that point onwards. They'd had a hard time of it and it took a bit of coaxing from Phil Cheek to get Barry moving again! Phil had navigated Mandy's third leg and she had arrived a couple minutes ahead of schedule and she was in good spirits in Wasdale.

By this time conditions were improving with the mist lifting and the sun shining through, so although the boys had lost some time they had plenty of slack in their schedule which meant they were still on for completing the round in time.

Mandy was led on the fourth leg by the local team of Annette Morris and Trefor Hughes. By time they reached Honister she was about 10 minutes up on schedule and she was smiling confidently knowing that barring any disasters on the last leg she had it in the bag. Trevor ran a good leg too and made up some time being led by Geoff Pettengell. Geoff continued on with Trevor on the last leg back to Keswick. Barry arrived at Honister about 20 minutes behind Trevor after having been navigated by Mark Hartell (who finished carrying Islay his dog on his shoulders!). Dave Tucker then carried on with Barry over Dale Head and Robinson back to Keswick.

Mandy's last leg was led by Colin Ardron and at the beginning of the road section she was caught by Trevor who'd run a blistering leg over Robinson and they decided to finish together, returning to the Moot hall at around 5pm. This gave Mandy a time of 23:02, Trevor 22:32. Barry came home just over an hour later to clock a time of 23:40.

After a quick photo call celebrations lasted well into the night with three more Macc Harriers joining the Bob Graham club.

Digital stills from a video camera below...

Before the off at Moot Hall, Keswick

Mandy setting off from Wasdale

Trevor entering Wasdale 

Barry at Wasdale

Mandy arriving at Honister 

Quick bowl of rice pudding

Trevor just about to leave Honister for the last leg

Hugs at the finish

Trevor in good spirits at the finish

Barry 10metres from home!